Novel ideas lie at the heart of Omeron Technologies. We always aim to create the better strategy to allow our team to be responsive to the continuously changing business atmosphere.


The very essence of creativity is found in its novelty. We look to provide new customized and cost-effective solutions to our customers through a changing and demanding technology landscape.


An invention is a novel method, process or device. In the process of developing, the initial idea may change and the invention might become simpler, more practical, or morph into something totally new. At Omeron, working on ideas will always lead to more.


A “like-minded” version of a positive and team-irritated workforce does not happen overnight. We have devoted a lot of time in the selection process of our team to help our employees and clients understand the value of what our team brings. We call our team the first step of innovation.

Our Mission

We make value for our customers a priority

Helping our clients to make distinctive, substantial and long-lasting improvements in their performance is what we do best. We assist in building greater companies that attract, develop, excite and retain exceptional people. Focusing on state-of-the-art technologies with high value solutions and promise to deliver integration and innovation to our clients.

We continuously strive to understand the goals of our customers and provide them with fresh ideas and customized products in order to see brands strengthen their competitiveness and improve performance in their own industries, both locally and globally.

It should be no surprise that serving clients is at the core of our mission but so is creating a place where talented people want to work. How we articulate our mission and values reflects our dual ambitions and is the hallmark of Omeron Technologies.


We create intelligent solutions across all industries to help you manage your business productivity and efficiency.


Internet of things is becoming a disrupting concept nowadays. We help connecting most important areas and fields.


We belive the entire travel experience is a way to improve yourself, it's a way to share and stay connected with others experiences.


We are in a continuous pursuit of knowledge, discovery and creative activity in areas with the goal of advancing their boundaries.

For Business

A Culture of Simplification

By giving, connecting and elevating customer interactions, Omeron team is able to provide concrete ideas that personalize relationships with every customer. Together, we will assess your goals and objectives, bringing forward thinking concepts to the table providing highest quality results to your custom requirements. This provides businesses with a unique and engaging experience that brings a fresh look and positively impacts your business.


7 yrs

The experience starts long before a traveler arrives, due to a wide array of valuable and time-saving services for individuals, groups and corporate clients.


12 yrs

We think of creativity as means towards success, implementing across all touch-points of visual identity through print, digital, social, environmental and corporate.


5 yrs

In a global economy, companies must be able to process huge amounts of information while connecting the dots of progress and effectiveness.


3 yrs

Even if our color is blue, we are also green. Manufacturing is a field were more optimisation can be done to be more effective, cleaner, greener and connected.


3 yrs

Everything is connected and our cars are part of our lives. Apps are getting into the automotive world and so do we. We stand for safety and security.


Explore Technologies Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

The success of your business requires precise understanding of each customer's needs and individual situation and is discovered through critical comprehension. Communication is essential to creating a unique and genuine partnership. Through inquiry, that our team finds out the special qualities of all customers often aiding in the awareness of needs that might not yet be discovered. Together, we can connect with their customers, discover their needs and act on them.


Always learning new technologies, new techniques, new concepts for the power to take your business to the next level.


Java Enterprise


Symfony 2, Php


Angular, Node, Js




Objective C, Swift

Clients & Partners

We improve our clients performance significantly

Constantly striveing to understand the objectives of our customers, we provide them with new ideas and customized products to help them strengthen their competitiveness and performance in their own industries, both locally and globally.


See what customers are saying

Surpassing expectations while providing highest custom service and providing exceptional results is the heart of Omeron results.


Discover Your Bigger Picture

Whether you'd like to start a project or learn more about how we can help grow your business, you just have to fill out our contact form and a team member will connect with you shortly.


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Headquarters: Mihaesti, Valcea

Business unit: 2nd Floor, Calea Cisnadiei, No 50, PO 550376, Sibiu, Romania

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We are Explorers

At Omeron, we always look to the future! In 2016, we embarked on a new mission; to teach programming and robotics to youth. We believe the future is in their hand. Together, we can teach, educate and provide a learning opportunity for the next generation. Turning small hands into strong and innovative hands. Hands and minds that will support, shape and build the future. Join us!